Chapter 1: AHCC: A Most Remarkable Mushroom

Birth of a Remarkable Mushroom Product, AHCC: Much More Than a Fungus, “Radical” Ideas about Infections and Disease, AHCC and Inflammation, AHCC as Antioxidant, AHCC as Immunomodulator, How AHCC is studied, Wrap-Up


Chapter 2:  Introducing Your Immune System

Components of the Immune System, Immune System: A Duet, AHCC and Your Immune System, How AHCC Strengthens the Immune System, AHCC and Older Adults, Wrap-Up



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Chapter 3:  Colds, Flu and Other Infections

Fighting Infections, Cold and Flu,The Studies, West Nile Virus, AHCC and “Superbug” Bacterial Infections,Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infections, MRSA,  Klebsiella pneumoniae Infections,  AHCC Fights Fungal Infections, Wrap-Up


Chapter 4: AHCC and Cancer

Traditional Cancer Treatments, Cancer Stages and Categories, Immunotherapy, BRMs and AHCC, AHCC and Immune Surveillance, AHCC’s Other Anticancer Activities,  AHCC and Survival from Cancer, AHCC and Cancer Studies, Liver Cancer and AHCC, Gastrointestinal Cancers, Other Cancers, Wrap-Up


Chapter 5: AHCC and Chemotherapy

Hair Loss, Nausea and Vomiting, Impaired Liver and Spleen Function, Myelosuppression, Loss of Appetite, Is AHCC Safe to Use with Chemotherapy?, Wrap-Up


Chapter 6: Other Chronic Disease

Diabetes, Liver Diseases, Cardiovascular Disease,  Other Conditions, Wrap-Up


Chapter 7: Using AHCC

Taking AHCC, Quality and Safety,  Taking AHCC with Other Medications,  Natural Ways to Enhance Your Immune System


Chapter 8: Q&A



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